Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

QHHT is a method of healing designed by Dolores Cannon. It has been said that QHHT is the medicine of the future. AMAZING transformations can take place. All one need be is open to the possibilities and all one need do is allow your higher self to come through. Through QHHT hypnotherapy we embark on a journey; the hypnotherapist is the guide; the questions you bring to the session are the road map; your outer personality is the… well, back seat driver; your true inner Being is the driver (the One who suggests to the backseat driver to be quiet and let It do the driving); your mind is the vehicle of travel; Mind is the place of Abode – – -and remember, you are always in complete control. Each session will last any where from two to four hours, depending on all that needs to be covered… we may travel far – – – so relax.


The Four Stepping Stones

“…We are on an infinite journey, since beginningless time. There are always heights ahead…”

Words of Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.)


First Stepping Stone – Hypnosis:

Hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of concentration. The natural rhythms of thought are used to guide one to a state of quiescence beyond the constant chattering of the active mind. In a state of hypnosis, these brain/mind distractions are stilled – allowing room for subtler levels of conscious to come forward. The outer conscious mind becomes the observer, and what it observes is an inner expanse of consciousness which opens up right below the surface of the rational, analytical, thinking brain/mind activity. It can be likened to opening a passage way through the constant flow of day to day thinking to a stairwell where expanded levels of consciousness can be experienced and ultimately known.

Hypnotic states are a part of everyone’s daily life. All enter various levels of hypnosis constantly throughout the day and night. One would not be able to read with much comprehension without entering into at least a light level of hypnosis. It is most noticeable when one is so involved in a task that one loses track of time or is oblivious to someone entering the room. As stated earlier, it is just a state of relaxed concentration. Deeper levels of hypnosis can be reached as easily as laying down and as naturally as closing the eyes. Hypnosis is entered into routinely at least two times a day – once when going to sleep and again before waking. Hypnosis is a very relaxing, beautiful, euphoric state. To further explain this state read Hypnosis – riding on (brain) waves of Consciousness. In a hypnosis session, this very natural state of concentration is merely guided by the hypnotist. Hypnosis becomes therapy when it is used to uncover underlying causes of difficulties and to come to a point where one can go beyond them… one truly heals one self. It is important to understand that in hypnosis, one is always in control. There can never be any outside will imposed.

Change ones’ thoughts, and ones’ buttocks will follow… Inspired words from Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD) teachings


Second Stepping Stone – Hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy is a method of healing which works within the realm of causes. It is a very effective form of healing because the distractive limiting effects of ones outer conscious thought patterns are bypassed. It reaches and opens levels of consciousness where inspiration, aspiration and intuition reside. Through hypnotherapy, the “place” of pure knowing can be of easy access and it is here where profound healing can be realized. It is as simple as changing ones’ thoughts within the realm of causes. What is most beautiful is that this Source is so close. It dwells within each of us.

“You get what you are, you get what you pay for. What you are is the plane of consciousness you’re traveling on. You get according to your experiential need, related to your level of consciousness or degree of awareness. The pay is the effort you put into utilizing the information received that is conducive to your higher consciousness expansion and further spiritual development.”

Words of Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD)


Third Stepping Stone – Past Life Regression:

We have lived many lives. We live many lives. The lives we live are experiences in growing. We choose our lives and our experiences. Good or bad, it is all for one’s growth. Very briefly explained, before entering into any life, we assess our level of growth and decide what we need to work on in our next life. In many cases, we return with those from other lives to work out lessons that were not learned, to repay karma, to assist and/or be assisted. Many experiences from other lives enter in to present life in varying degrees. Hypnotherapy in conjunction with past life regression can assist in understanding why certain aspects the present life are the way they are — why one chose a particular life, be it hard or smooth. And along the way one may discover, for example, that a mother in one life is a sister in this life. Roles change in whatever way is decided on prior to entry in a particular life. All depends on what set of circumstances will offer a means to learn the lessons to be learned or to pay debts. Another discovery is that physical, emotional and mental difficulties are often the direct result of past life occurrences. For example, severe headaches in this life may stem from being hit on the head, or perhaps cutting off a chickens head, in some other life (this is just a gross example to explain the workings of this phenomena). Many times, just knowing the reasons for present day circumstances as they are connected with past live experiences are liberating in themselves. With knowledge comes understanding. With understanding comes release. And with release comes true healing – – – on any and all levels, what ever is appropriate – physical healing, emotional balancing, mental clarity, spiritual freedom.


Stepping Beyond – Spiritual Life Progression:

From this third step, one is in a position to enter into communion with one’s higher consciousness. Within this vantage point or level, if it is appropriate, access can be gained into levels of consciousness which can be termed “Universal Mind”. Though beyond words, it is the source from which words arise. It is a state of consciousness that is all-knowing (omniscience), beyond time and space (omnipresent), and miraculous (omnipotent). This source of knowing is Compassion, it is very protective and very concerned about each soul’s well-being It watches over and guides – it prompts but does not interfere with the soul’s freedom to choose. If communion with this Source is entered into, questions may be asked of this wellspring of Knowing – – – questions concerning health; life goals; problems & blocks in one’s path; why one chose certain associations such as family, friends, enemies; the reason behind various experiences; soul mates – whatever is meaningful. It will offer assistance only in so far as it is appropriate. It has one’s best interest in heart. No harm is ever allowed. It is the essence of Peace and Love. It loves you very much, and… if these words resonant within your being… It awaits your coming.

Any questions cleared up or brought out? … perfect! Come for your session.


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