A Biographical Account

Reverend Baba Nazirmoreh (All Blessings and Respect Due)
founder, spiritual head & director of – Nahziryah Monastic Community
Retreat for Meditation and Wholistic Living
Monastic Ecovillage
The Community Of The Purple Lodge
The Nazir Order Of The Purple Veil
In The Degree Of The Ascension

A biographical account. (an excerpt from the “Purple Veil” newsletter #2 – 4/94)


Living, Teaching Truth

“I have had people stop in their walk and point in wonder.”

Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD), founder and spiritual leader of Nahziryah Monastic Community and the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil, knows that his long purple robe, purple bag, dangling purple crystal earrings, and ankle length purple, wrapped, locked hair (at present, the Reverend’s hair is dragging the ground – unless it is tied in a way to keep it from doing so; and the Reverend does not wear long dangling earrings these days – July 17th 2003) is rather shocking to people who encounter Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) for the first time.

“People have a difficult time accepting someone so radically different. I know that. That’s the way it should be. Only those who are open and ready to accept that there is more to life than what they are conditioned to believe will want to be near me. And that’s the way I prefer it.”

Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) and the student members of the spiritual community are affectionately called, by others, the “Purple People”. They are often seen on Canal Street and at the French Market selling what may be the most unique handmade jewelry and art crafts in the city.

It is often mistakenly assumed that Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) and his spiritual aspirants are Rastafarians, Muslims, Hindus or Jews.

“People try to label us because it is easier for them to do that. They can fit us neatly into the scope of what they choose to believe, related to their limited awareness and consciousness, and never have to change.”

Our beliefs, our way of life is founded in Truth.
Truth which is beyond any one religion. Truth which is found in all religions.
We align ourselves with that which is…

“I am Nazirmoreh. I do not call myself a Rastafarian, a Muslim, a Hindu, or a Jew, or any other religion one might want to categorize me as. I Am That I Am. What is my religion? All of them.”

Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) comes from a long line of mystics, of which Reverend Nazirmoreh’s (ABRD) father and father’s father are adepts in esoteric knowledge. Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) felt the inner call very early in life and always appeared extraordinary to family and peers.

The realization of Reverend Nazirmoreh’s (ABRD) stature and mission in this life occurred in early manhood. Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) was led to a book, covered with the dust of many years, in the cellar of a large, old house. This small book held within its’ title, the key which unlocked memories of former lives and the cognition of the direction which this life was to take. The innate abilities of spiritual leadership and far reaching vision, led Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) to walk the path of community.

A few years following this illumination, Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) was initiated by a high adept to bring forth the ancient teachings in the capacity of leader and teacher. This led to the founding of Nahziryah Monastic Community. The fundamental and universal truth principles that were taught, the rules and regulations that were adhered to in the spiritual communities of the Ancient Ones, laid the foundation of this monastic order, this monastic lifestyle. This is succinctly phrased in the following truth principle – Live the life and you will know the doctrine.

Initially, the community wore all white garments in one season, and all purple in the other. All white signifies the purification process of spiritual attainment. All purple signifies a high aspect of spiritual realization.

Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) brought those drawn to Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) as students, out of worldly life and instructed them by up-leveling or revealing esoteric truths hidden in conventionally accepted spiritual writings. The community subsequently went into the wilderness to live a secluded life, learn from nature and grow spiritually. Such was the path of spiritual communities in days of old. Some students left, some stayed and more came, as there is only room for those who are serious about their spiritual advancement.

As the years progressed, Reverend Nazirmorehs’ (ABRD) pace accelerated as Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) brought the students in degrees, to the understanding of the universality of Truth which is expressed throughout the world. Truth is irrespective of color, creed, and nationality, as Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) teaches. We are not these bodies.


The fires of providence presented circumstances which took the community once again out of seclusion, to dwell among the masses, to be an example that there is more to life than what is conventionally taught, and to grow further.

In time, when it was time, the advancements of the community were made manifest outwardly by Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) to the general public through the change in color, or vibratory rate, to all purple monastic garments at all times. And, as revealed to Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD), the title was added – – The Nazir Order of the Purple Veil. Purple is a color of the highest Order, which envelops the community in Truth and Light and Love … beyond the limitations and confines of worldly mass consciousness. As it has been said, Dwell in Truth and Truth shall set you free’.

“Our purple veils ward off unwanted negative energies and represent the Veil of Truth. And that is as opposed to the Veil of Illusion that so many people are under and don’t even know it. The Illusion is that living is about material gain and that we are slaves to our emotions. The Truth is that we are everliving, everlasting souls and this lifetime is an opportunity to further advance on the spiritual path,” says Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD).

Ancient Wisdom holds that through community, high spiritual energy can be merged to work for the good of all through selfless service. As a spiritual teacher, Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) states “there are many paths, one goal. Many names, one Divine Creator which is the source of all that is, was and ever shall be.” Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) teaches the students that the Creator is within, and through discipline and devotion, one may reach that highest state of spiritual evolution, that is, find the Creator and the source of peace and happiness in a lifetime.

While traveling through New Orleans, LA to locate land for the re-establishing, relocation of Nahziryah Monastic Community, Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) received the word to stay and to serve for a period of time, within New Orleans, toward the consciousness expansion and further spiritual development of beings traveling within that thought atmosphere, and all existence. Nahziryah Monastic Community was established in that area. The Veil of Truth; Center for Metaphysical and Esoteric Learning was established. The service was brought forth and continued for a period; time dispensation of 15 years, and the word came that it was time to re-establish in a nature environment and serve from that area; Nahziryah Monastic Community Retreat for Meditation and Wholistic Living.

(When Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) decided to relocate the Community, the plan was to stay in New Orleans for a brief period and then move on. However, once there, the Reverend (ABRD) received the message that there was much work to be done in New Orleans in terms of helping to pierce peoples illusions and raise the overall consciousness of the area in general. Thus the brief stay turned into 15 years.)


The Veil of Truth Center 1988 – 1999
written by an observer, a reporter

Even at their book, crystal and meditation center, Nazir Art Crafts/Veil of Truth, also known as the Omniversity, you will find all the walls purple as well. The center offers metaphysical & esoteric literature, audio and videotapes, meditation supplies, oils, incense, the unique Nazir handmade jewelry, and crystals of just about every kind.

While much of the work and selfless service is done by the Community, another aspect Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) says is in relating truth principles to raise the consciousness of others. The Omniversity accomplishes this by offering meditation sessions, yoga and Eastern dance classes, audio and video presentations, and private counseling and instructions with Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD).

“Everyone is at a certain stage in his or her spiritual development. This is why you’ll find books ranging from handling stress, guilt and fear; to astrology, palmistry and channeling; and advanced studies on yoga, meditation and esoteric development. Within all of us is a thirst for deeper understanding of what life and the hereafter are about. All of those answers can be found here,” according to Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD).

The Omniversity, the Canal Street and French Market locations all support the Community financially. Under the spiritual guidance of Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD), the members of the Order live a simple, monastic, community life, residing at Nahziryah Monastic Community, Retreat for Meditation and Holistic Living. They study, meditate and their diet is vegetarian-vegan (non-dairy).

“Where are we from? Everywhere. We strive to transcend all limitations.” (news article 1994)



the following is an excerpt from “Chant-Prayers to All Thru Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) (1970-1981)”